Getting Around Padova

Padova, thanks to its geographical position in the centre of the Veneto flatland, can be reached easily by the most common transportation routes; furthermore, the city provides a network of public services and various other means in order to get around. The university promotes various initiatives in order to improve sustainable transport in urban areas, gathering ideas, opinions and proposals from its own community of staff and students. We aim to help the city to establish policies that favour more sustainable transport, seeking to reduce air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases as well as lower energy consumption.

Bus, coach, tram

  • City Buses

    City buses are run by APS Mobilita; tickets can be bought at edicole (newsagents) and tabaccherie (tobacconists); bus passes are available at APS offices and online. Tel. 049.8241111
    There is also a transport service for those with disabilities (booking required):
    Tel. 840.00055
    Mon – Fri 7am – 7pm

  • Regional coaches

    Transport throughout the region is run by Basitalia , based in Piazzale della Stazione, next to the train station. One coach line connects Padova to Agripolis Campus in Legnaro. Particularly in summer, links to tourist destinations around the Veneto region run more frequently. Tel.: 049. 8206844

  • Tram (Metrobus)

    The tram service is run by APS Mobilita; the tickets are also valid for city buses. The tram crosses the city from north to south: from the train station to Guizza (south) and from the train station to Pontevigodarzere (north). Doors open automatically, and each stop is announced by a voice-over.

  • Sightseeing Bus

    A special double-decker bus, run by City Sightseeing Padova offers a multi-lingual tour service to see the most beautiful monuments Padova has to offer. Tickets are valid for 24 hours and can be used at any stop of the two lines. The bus also has wheelchair access. Viale Regione Veneto 10 Tel. 049.8704933

  • Night Bus

    Night Bus is an on-call night time bus service, founded in collaboration between the University, the Municipality of Padova and Busitalia Veneto. Its objective is to make the city more accessible even at night, with the initiative directed mainly towards students but also other residents living in Padova. The night time buses cover the municipal area and are available every day of the week until midnight, and until 3am Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. To access the service you should download the Night Bus App, available both for Android and iOS, then register yourself. Students at the University of Padova can register with their Unipd account. You can book your trip up to one week in advance, entering the pick-up location and final destination; the Night Bus stops are the same as those used daily by the normal city bus service, excluding tram stops. The service costs €1.50 per person for each journey, which can be paid in cash on board.

Bicycle & bicycle lanes

  • Bike Sharing

    Goodbike Padova: thanks to this service you can use public bikes all over the city of Padova, taking advantage of the network of stations where you can pick up and deposit bikes. Students and staff of the University can access the service using their University badge, also receiving a discount when they create their membership online through .

    Mobike: you can access this service through downloading the free Mobike app from the App Store or Google Play. Using the app you can make payments or buy a Mobike Pass, use the map to locate the closest bikes and book them (maximum 15 minutes). The bikes are equipped with GPS, a sim card and a smart lock that can be locked and unlocked using the Mobike App.

Taxi & Car

  • Taxis

    Radiotaxi Padova is available 24 hours a day.
    Tel. 049.651333
    There is also a special service for people in wheelchairs and those accompanying them (max. 3 people). The service should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
    Tel. 049.651333
    Fax: 049.760369

  • Car Parking

    The main city car parks are run by APS Parcheggi . Each car park has a limited number of places reserved for disabled drivers.

  • Restricted Traffic Areas (ZTL)

    The Z.T.L. (Zona Traffico Limitato - Restricted Traffic Area) is part of the city centre where access and circulation of private vehicles is limited during certain hours. Entrances to the Z.T.L. are marked and equipped with video surveillance cameras. Special permits can be obtained from the City Police Office.

  • Car Sharing

    The Car Sharing Service, based on a project already operating in many other countries, is conceived as a completion of the public transport system and may be used by all those who wish to preserve the city’s environmental quality. Car sharing allows users to drive cars, located in one of the car sharing parking areas, without the worry of maintenance, or running and property costs (fuel, insurance, road tax, etc.). To access the service (available 24/7), private users must buy a season ticket.

Students and staff at the University of Padova have access to discounted tariffs and memberships.